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We Love our Mid-Level Providers.

Our Mid-Levels are Awesome!

Over the past 10 years, the presence of mid-level providers in the office setting has become quite the norm and we are excited to announce that our patients love our mid-level providers! Here at Physicians and Surgeons for Women, many appointments are typically with one of our mid-level providers. Unless you need to have surgery, your appointment can be with Amanda, Kat, Jessica, or Taylor. These 4 ladies are such a vital part of Physicians and Surgeons for Women and we couldn’t operate without them. Amanda, Kat, and Jessica are all, Certified Nurse Practitioners, Taylor is a Certified Physicians Assistant. All extremely knowledgeable when it comes to women’s health. All provide the same quality care that our physicians do. We understand that sometimes patients might be hesitant to schedule an appointment with a mid-level. I am here to tell you, you could miss out on amazing service! These ladies are full of compassion and care! They value their patients and truly look out for them. We want you to feel confident and comfortable with your provider. Here are frequently asked questions to help ease your mind.


Can she do a pap smear?

YES! Our mid-Level providers are pros when it comes to an annual and a pap is a test that frequently comes along with an annual appointment. Mid-Levels typically have more time on their hands than the physicians. Therefore, an annual exam is usually scheduled with them. They are able to take more time to talk with their patient and get to know them and their health history.

Jessica Kelsey NP-C

What if there is a problem? Can I be treated?

Yes! All mid-level providers here at Physicians and Surgeons for Women are certified to prescribe medications, order lab work, or imaging. Should she find an area of concern, they will work diligently aside our physicians to find a course of action that best fits your condition.

Katheryn (Kat) Carmichael NP-C

What if I need surgery?

You came to the right place! Our mid-levels are fortunate enough to have 3 amazing surgeons in their back pocket! Should you ever require a surgical procedure, Amanda, Kat, Jessica, or Taylor are able to review your condition with a surgeon and order any necessary lab work, imaging, or testing that could possibly be required. As an established patient of Physicians and Surgeons for Women, you will not be required to wait for a new patient visit with a physician! This puts you one step ahead of the game!  

Amanda Minor NP-C

I’m Pregnant! Will I see a Mid- Level?

Yes! Managing a pregnancy takes a team and we have a great one! You will be scheduled with our mid-level providers several times throughout your pregnancy. They are trained to manage your care and keep an eye out for any red flags or concerns. They will be your advocate and stay by your side throughout your journey.

Taylor Yoder PA-C

Around here, two heads are better than one. The providers at Physicians and Surgeons for Women take great pride in working together as a team to provide the best care possible for their patients. Mid-level providers are a huge part of that process. They are the nuts and bolts of this organization, and we are so grateful to have them!

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Welcome, Ruth Xue, APRN-CNP

The doctors, providers and staff of Physicians & Surgeons for Women are fortunate and excited to be able to introduce our newest mid-level provider, Ruth Xue APRN-CNP.