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April is…STI Awareness Month

There are 25 known STI’s that can be viral, bacterial, or parasitic, and can be transmitted via semen, vaginal fluids, blood, or skin to skin contact. The most common are:

Many STI’s are curable with proper medication and treatment where others can only be managed.

Some STI’s that have no symptoms and may take years before symptoms present themselves. Certain symptoms of STI’s will mimic other health problems such as urinary tract or yeast infections.

The best way to avoid an STI is prevention. Talk with a potential or current partner about risks and behaviors, use protection and get tested if you suspect an infection. To protect your son or daughter, have them vaccinated at 11 or 12 years old or before they are sexually active.

Don’t be embarrassed if you need to be tested or have questions. Please call our office at 937-323-7340 or reach out to us on our patient portal ( or on our website ( We are here to care for you.


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