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High Risk Pregnancy

Physicians and Surgeons for Women

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A high-risk pregnancy can also be a high-stress pregnancy; that is why you need a highly experienced and caring group of professionals to guide you. Physicians and Surgeons for Women, established in 1976, emphasizes compassionate care. The board-certified providers take every step necessary to ensure your safe pregnancy and delivery. Call the Springfield, Ohio, office for an appointment.

High Risk Pregnancy Q & A

What is a high-risk pregnancy?

A high-risk pregnancy is one in which you or your baby may have an elevated risk of premature delivery, or of health issues or complications during the pregnancy. Up to 30% of pregnancies are deemed high-risk.

Hearing that you have a high-risk pregnancy can be frightening. Still, it is important to know that you have an excellent chance of experiencing a healthy pregnancy and delivery with proper prenatal care.

Physicians and Surgeons for Women have many years of experience in successfully managing pregnancies of this type. We compassionately handle every aspect of your pregnancy, from pregnancy confirmation to the delivery of your healthy baby.

What factors make my pregnancy high risk?

Many different factors can contribute to a high-risk pregnancy, including:

  • Age 35 or older
  • Age 17 or younger
  • Pre-pregnancy obesity
  • Being significantly underweight before pregnancy
  • Being pregnant with multiples (twins, triplets, or more babies at once)
  • Preexisting conditions like diabetes or hypertension
  • History of miscarriage or stillbirth
  • Previous child or children with genetic conditions

Usually, the factors that determine a high-risk pregnancy happen before you are pregnant.

In some cases, otherwise healthy women can develop unexpected issues while pregnant, such as abnormal fetal growth, gestational diabetes, fluid abnormalities, new high blood pressure, or placenta abnormalities. In these situations, your provider may reclassify your pregnancy from low risk to high risk, if needed.

When do I need to start high-risk pregnancy care?

High-risk pregnancy care at Physicians and Surgeons for Women can start as soon as you know (or suspect) that you are pregnant. In a high-risk pregnancy, specialized care is more important than ever, so the providers closely monitor your pregnancy from the very beginning.

With a high-risk pregnancy, you will see your pregnancy specialists a minimum of 15 times before delivery. Typically, this includes appointments at least every four weeks in the first part of your pregnancy, then moving to every one to two weeks as your pregnancy progresses. As you near delivery, you will generally have more frequent visits.  

Physicians and Surgeons for Women are highly-trained medical professionals who understand the challenges of a high-risk pregnancy, and they are here to guide and support you at every step of your journey.

How often will I have ultrasounds with a high-risk pregnancy?

Physicians and Surgeons for Women have an on-site, state-of-the-art ultrasound machine, the Philips EPIQ 7, for the most detailed ultrasound imaging possible. You will have at least two ultrasounds during your early and middle pregnancy, and in the later parts of your high-risk pregnancy, you may have ultrasounds as often as once a week based on your health needs and situation.

Other onsite testing such as non-stress fetal monitoring as needed to confirm your baby's health and wellness are provided on-site as well.

At Physicians and Surgeons for Women, a high-risk pregnancy does not have to be high stress. Call the office for an appointment.