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The Season for Giving

As we approach the season for giving, I can’t help but think of how fortunate we are to have the amazing providers we do. Each are special in their own way. However, when I think of giving, my mind instantly brings Dr. Nesselroade to light. Of course, an amazing physician. We call him our MacGyver, always able to figure out a tough situation! Beyond that, he is truly a giver, always offering a helping hand.

Dan is a family man! He has been married to his beautiful wife Marcy for 30 years. He’s a proud father of 3 beautiful, well raised daughters and recently celebrated the birth of his first grandchild!  He and the girls all lived and worked in Africa for nearly 12 years serving the community they lived in. He was the medical director of a women and children's hospital. His time was spent teaching other doctors and the local community about childbirth and providing education and supplies that were desperately needed to raise the infant/mother mortality rate.

When he is not working his medical magic, he can be found serving the community here in Springfield. Dr. Nesselroade created a non-profit organization to help serve the Springfield community. As the director of the Mulberry House of Hope, he mentors and brings aid to the needs of the surrounding area. He can be found teaching a lesson on a Sunday afternoon and leads a men’s group on Thursday evenings. Dr. Nesselroade also supports the Safe Harbor House. An organization that assists in the needs of domestic violence victims.


How about a few fun facts? Dr. Nesselroade may occasionally be caught with some mud on his tires! In the rare free time he has, he has been known to head off road to indulge in bird watching. He enjoys taking the time to admire their carefree spirit. He is an avid reader and is not too picky when it comes to the genre. You name it he will probably read it! Last but not least, he loves Chuck Taylors! It is not likely that you will find him in another pair of shoes!

Dr. Nesselroade is an admirable person. He will never hesitate to lend a helping hand when he can or give someone the shirt off his back. He is truly a prime example of Godly man and a genuine person who continuously, selflessly gives to others in need. We are so fortunate to have him here!

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