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New Year

COVID-19 may have halted the entire world in one way or another, but here at Physicians and Surgeons for Women we are doing our best to stay on top and continue to give our patients the care they deserve. Over the past year we have overcome obstacles and challenges. We have welcomed several new staff members and we are in love with the fresh new vibe we have in the office! We have a great team of providers, nurses, and staff that truly care for you! They want to see their patients taken care of, nurtured, and healthy. We are excited to announce new features available to all patients in the upcoming year.

Patient Portal- If you are not already signed up, be sure to check into our new patient portal! This is an easy way to chat with our staff, request refills, or get lab results.

STI Testing- We are excited to announce we now have in house lab services for some STI screenings. Soon you will be able to receive the results of your STI screening the same day!  No more stressful waiting and you can get started with treatments right away!

Enlightened Parents Class-

We have always thought educating our patients is a vital part of of their care. We have decided to take this one step further! We would like to introduce our brand new, enlightened parents’ class. This is an informational session geared towards expecting parents. In the final trimester of your pregnancy, you are invited to join our staff for a chat session. There, we will be able to answer questions you may have about giving birth, your experience at the hospital, and how to handle all the changes you are preparing to face.

As we continue to grow, we want you to know we appreciate our patients and their loyalty year after year. We are looking forward to a fresh new start with 2022!

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We've had a change...

Our office no longer has online bill-pay available. There is no definite time as to when we will be able to offer this service again. There are other options, however, on how you can pay your bill.

Welcome, Ruth Xue, APRN-CNP

The doctors, providers and staff of Physicians & Surgeons for Women are fortunate and excited to be able to introduce our newest mid-level provider, Ruth Xue APRN-CNP.