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How Are You Preventing Pregnancy?

Did you know, each year, almost half of the pregnancies throughout the US are unplanned?  

Did you know that if you are sexually active and not using some form of birth control you have an 85% chance of getting pregnant?

If you are sexually active and not ready to have a baby. It is important to know your options in preventing pregnancy. Many people hear the words “birth control” and instantly think of taking a pill. Birth control is not a one size fits all option.  It is important to have a talk with your provider to narrow down your options and figure out what is best for you.  Each type has pros and cons along with its own list of side effects that should be carefully considered.

Here are a few options that we offer.

To start, if you are in a pinch and have not had a chance to schedule an appointment with your provider, it’s important to consider over the counter options. Most common, the male condom. This is your best chance at prevention without medical intervention. Also, if you are using latex condoms, other than abstinence, they are the most effective way to prevent STIs! But be careful! Condoms are only 82% effective.

At Physicians and Surgeons for Women we offer several medicated options. 

Short term options are nice for someone who may be ready for pregnancy with in the next few years. These methods can easily be stopped or can be used for several years.  Pills, vaginal rings, or patches. All are about 91% effective due to errors with improper use.  With so many different brands, different doses and ingredients, these options can somewhat be altered to fit your personal needs.

We offer two forms of long-acting reversible contraception.

The shot- 94% effective. This can be a nice option because you only need to worry about remembering a task once every 3 months.


Arm implant- 99% effective.  This is a great option for someone who is forgetful and lives a busy hectic lifestyle. Also, they know they aren’t ready to have a baby for at least 3 years. A small plastic bar is placed under the skin of your arm. It stays put for 3 years. At that time, you can have another one inserted or have it taken out whenever your plans change.

Physicians and Surgeons for Women also offer a permanent option. Surgical sterilization. Being 99.9% effective and nearly irreversible, this is a great option for women who have already had children and are certain they do not want any more.

With so many options to consider, it is important to schedule a talk with your provider to decide which one is best for you. With each option having its benefits they all also have different side effects that you may not be willing to deal with.  It’s also important to be open with your spouse or partner about your goals and desires when it comes to family planning. Communication is key, and we are here whenever you need us!

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