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Happy New Year!

Wow…another year has passed. Our country, communities, families and even our office went through many changes during 2022. Here at Physicians & Surgeons for Women we’ve had to adjust and adapt to many things, some great and some necessary. We were even blessed with new staff and two new nurse practitioners, Jennifer Lee and Ruth Xue (this was the great part).

The necessary part was updating some of our protocols so we could provide the best care and service possible to you, our patients. Below you will find important information that you need to know if you are a new or returning patient.

Every appointment, bring the following:

New patients:

OB patients:

Minor patients:

Medicare patients:

Helpful Tips for All patients:

If you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment, call our office at 937-323-7340. We can also be contacted on our website ( or on our patient portal (

We look forward to caring for you through all stages of your life!









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We've had a change...

Our office no longer has online bill-pay available. There is no definite time as to when we will be able to offer this service again. There are other options, however, on how you can pay your bill.