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                 You may have noticed a few changes in the faces that you see when you visit the office of Physicians and Surgeons for Women. In December of 2019 the patriarch of our practice reached an amazing milestone in his life. Retirement! Shortly after, who would have thought COVID would rear its ugly head and put all our lives into a crazy, seemingly never-ending whirlwind, which didn’t stop at Dr. Billing and his plans for retirement. Regardless, he did not let it stop him from enjoying life after the office. He enjoys being able to spend more time with his wife and family who he treasures so much. Of course, we can’t hold him back. He is often found squeezing in a few volunteer hours at nearby clinics or giving COVID vaccines. What can we say he loves his community! Occasionally he will stroll through memory lane here at the office. Our staff will always love catching up with him and laughing together as we did before. As always, he radiates with happiness, and it is very clear that retirement has served him well so far. We will forever be grateful for the amazing foundation of values he laid for this practice.

                Another Familiar face you may be missing around the office is Dr. Delong. After her departure she ventured west and landed in southern California. Recently she was in for a visit. You can see the satisfaction in her eyes as she talks about the short walk to the beach for her morning runs or soaking up that last bit of the days sunshine while she relaxes, watching the most beautiful sunsets you could ever imagine. In between the palm trees and ocean breeze she spends her time as a traveling laborist. Filling in where she is needed, delivering babies.

                Around here you may not find too many palm trees and the closest thing to a nice jog on the beach is hopscotch over the geese droppings at the reservoir, but things are looking pretty bright here at PSW. We miss our doctors and their nurses terribly, but we are also enjoying a large amount of new staff that have joined us. To keep this quick, I’ll introduce you to 2.

                Kat, Katherine Carmichael is from Alabama and is now exploring her new life here in Springfield. We enjoy the peaceful vibe she brings to our office. She is so genuine and caring. Truly an asset to our group. We are so happy that she fits right in and is quickly finding friends and a church to call home.

                Taylor Yoder, you may have seen her before in the halls of Ohio Valley. She has become another great addition to our practice. She is a physician’s assistant. Working side by side with Dr. Jackson-Lopez in the operating room. She is also caring for patients in the office! You will find she is very calming and comforting. She has so much to offer our patients.

                Check out the Providers tab on our new website or click the link below to read more about Kat and Taylor!

                One thing we know for sure, this small town of Springfield, Ohio is forever changing and growing. As time goes, we will be changing too. BUT, only to keep up with the most modern form of healthcare we can provide. Yes, staff and doctors may change as life goes on but the strong foundation that was laid over 45 years ago will forever remain. We pride ourselves in keeping our practice privately owned and operated. In doing this we enable our patients with power to choose when it comes to their healthcare. We do not want our patients to be locked into big, cooperate, medicine! Therefore, here we will stand strong.

                “A woman is the full circle. With-in her is a power to create, nurture, and transform”, Diane Mariechild.

                You can find amazing gifts that God has given us through the women that he created. We are here to help you treasure that gift. To keep you healthy and happy.

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