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Breast Cancer- Know the FACTS!

Know the Facts!

Here at Physicians and Surgeons for Women a basic breast exam is a very important aspect of a yearly exam. Why? When caught early on breast cancer is very treatable and curable! An in-office breast exam is a quick, painless, and effective way to discover breast abnormalities. Once you reach age 40, we recommend a yearly mammogram. However, do not wait until you are 40 years old to start checking. Breast cancer in women under 40 is becoming more and more common.

Stop in the office to grab a shower card. It’s a simple instructional card with reminders for each month that can hang in your shower.

Here’s what to look for.

“The classic breast cancer is a painless, hard, somewhat tethered lump.  But in reality, breast cancer can present many different ways. Skin changes like dimpling or eczema, blood or milk from the nipple, nipple retraction, or a mass in the armpit can all be indicative.”                         Dr. Nesselroade M.D.




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