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Be Breast Cancer Aware

Knowing the symptoms and your family history, as well as doing self-exams monthly, are key factors in being breast cancer aware.

Not every person has the same symptoms of breast cancer and there are some that have no symptoms at all. Breast cancer symptoms include:

There are also risk factors that can affect your chance of getting breast cancer. These include family history, being a woman (yes, men can develop breast cancer), being 50 or older and having changes in some genes.

You can help lower your risk of developing breast cancer by keeping a healthy weight, exercising regularly, and limiting alcohol. Hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills may also pose a risk and should be discussed with your doctor.

Make it a goal to do whatever you can to avoid being one of the 255,000 women diagnosed every year with breast cancer, by being aware. The doctors and providers here at Physicians and Surgeons for Women are ready to help. Please call us for an appointment at 937-323-7340. Appointments can also be scheduled on our portal ( or on our website (

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